Our Hypnotherapy Services

Dealing with Real Life issues

Life has many challenges, stress, anxiety, self-confidence and relationships sometimes take their toll. Discover how you can shift your beliefs and feelings, so you can lead a happy, relaxed, confident and satisfying life.

Life and Career decisions

Are you feeling confused about which direction you should take with your life or your career? Here at New Life Hypnotherapy we can assist you to explore your options and make clear and positive decisions about the next step in the journey of your life.

Living a Healthy fulfilling life

You can be free from debilitating addictions, whether your personal challenge is smoking, food, sex, alcohol or other substances, hypnotherapy can help support you to take control of your health and happiness, ridding you of past behaviours that don't serve you.

Resolving Conflict situations

Would you like to resolve a difficult situation while gaining clarity around the issue. Give yourself the freedom to manage how you feel about yourself and others leaving you fully empowered while strengthening or leaving behind relationships in your life.

Depression and Anxiety

Are you suffering from depression and/or anxiety? These conditions can be debilitating and can leave you in a dark space. Here at New Life Hypnotherapy we can help you to release issues and inhibiting fears and anxieties that may be preventing you from positive and productive thinking and leading a rich and satisfying life.

Self Esteem and Confidence

Do you have a critical voice inside your head chipping away at your self-esteem and confidence? Break free from negative thinking, uncover and release past experiences that are interfering with the present and empower yourself to live your life with true confidence and healthy self-esteem.

Quote of the Week

"Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow"

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