Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes with the New Life Method

Your Quit Smoking session is custom tailored to your individual needs.

The process is completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time if you choose to do so. You cannot be made to do anything that is against your will and you cannot get 'stuck' in hypnosis. It only takes around 90 minutes in total, about 30 to gather information and allow you to ask questions, then the actual session takes around 60 minutes for you to become free of cigarettes forever!

Break The Chains

Years of associating everything we did with smoking created powerful connections in our subconscious mind. We thought that we enjoyed smoking, we told ourselves that it relaxed us, calmed our nerves, relieved our stress. Smoking became a companion, always with us, always there, never far from our thoughts. We convinced ourselves that it was a reward, it was somehow beneficial to us but deep down our common sense told us it was none of these things.

Fact: Smoking Kills. We all know that!

Fact: Smoking cuts down your average lifespan by around 16 years.

Fact: Smoking is a stimulant—it adds to stress and anxiety!

Fact: Your enjoyment of life deteriorates as the cigarette smoke affects your lungs, your breathing, your heart and other major organs!

Fact: If you smoke a packet of cigarettes a day you are spending over $6,000.00 per year!

The good news is that you can quit now! Easily and safely! Contact us now!

What will happen during the session?

  • You will be asked to supply some basic information about you and your smoking habit.
  • We will discuss the specific reasons and excuses that are preventing you from quitting smoking.
  • The quit smoking process will be explained to you and you can ask questions.
  • The gentle and relaxed process will take place, using advanced hypnosis techniques blended with NLP.


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Easy Quit Smoking Program

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Guaranteed Program and Support. 95% Success Rate!

Using the New Life Method we Guarantee that you will give up cigarettes in one session or we will work with you for free!

Our Guarantee!

We are so confident in this system that we are still one of the few hypnotherapists who back up our quit smoking session with a 6 month guarantee. This means that if you start smoking cigarettes again, whether it is two days or 6 months down the road, we will do a follow up session at no charge to help you quit smoking for good!

How is this possible?

We use advanced hypnosis techniques based on sound, scientifically recognised methods to work with your individual needs, destroying habits and behaviours that keep you addicted to smoking. Then you will leave with support materials to help you remain a non smoker for life! NO PAIN! NO PATCHES! NO NEEDLES! NO DRUGS! NO STRESS! Just Freedom from Smoking Cigarettes in just 60 Minutes!